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Phuket PearlPhuket, a resort island that draws both foreign and Thai travelers to its rich land filled with places which spice up the adventure and create tourist frenzy. Phuket happens to be picturesque for day trips and various beach activities.

One of many tourist attraction of the island there is one which deserves more attention is the Phuket Pearl Farm which happens to draw tourists from different parts of the world spectate the integrated process of pearl cultivation and harboring.

Phuket also is known as ‘The Pearl of the Andaman’ for its beauty as a tropical island, and its shape.
However, Phuket is also a place where pearls are not only cultivated but also harvested so that they can be turned into beautiful pieces of jewelry. So let’s take a look at the Phuket Pearl Farm, its history and Phuket Pearl Factory.

A look at the History of Phuket Pearl Farm

Phuket Pearl Farm, the oldest and largest producer of pearls in Phuket as the business started in 1967 and was led by the current director, KhunAmron’s grandfather. He was also the first person who laid the foundation of pearl farming in Phuket. Initially, the pearl farming was done in Sapam Bay and it mostly included raising the pearl oysters, which were then distributed and sold to other enterprises that were involved in pearl manufacturing businesses.

The second generation, KhunAmron’s father, soon took over the business but the business suffered due to the reduction in oysters in Phuket back in 1985. The collection of oysters for pearl farming was actually done through other provinces as the number of oysters started to decrease due to environmental issues. This turned out to be non-profitable and eventually decelerated the farming business.

The business was then passed on to the current director in 1990 who, with his experience in pearl farming, took the production of pearls to an international standard. Mr. Amorn transformed the pearl farming business by introducing a complete strategic factory system for the production of the pearls. He hired exceptionally proficient researchers to devise strategies and predict better ways for harboring pearls.

This step proved beneficial and led to the successful production of the perfectly spherical pearl or round shaped pearl. A round shaped pearl, perfectly cultured and harvested, can be of high value as it can fetch a higher price in the market.
In 1993, the company was officially transformed from a family business into a top notch manufacturer having a complete integrated production procedure. This procedure included farming and breeding pearl oysters. A few years later, the company started designing and producing its own pearl jewelry which was a mega success as it led to the production of Rather Round Pearl. This product proved to seal the deal for the company as it was successfully registered with the Department of Intellectual Property.

Awards and Achievements
MissThailand 2014z

Due to the continuous product innovation and skilled craftsmanship, the company received massive recognition from around the globe and received a number of awards for its business management. Here are the following awards achieved by Phuket Pearl Company.


Along with the various other certifications, the prestigious company has also designed and produced crowns for the prizewinners of European and Asian beauty pageants. Following are the list of crowns that can even be found in Phuket Pearl showroom.

  • Crown Miss Singapur 2012
  • Crown Miss Thailand 2013
  • Crown Miss Switzerland 2013
  • Crown Miss Thailand 2014

Furthermore, in order to reach out to various clients around the globe and for brand building, the company has started to enter various jewelry competitions.

Why Visit The Phuket Pearl Farm
Phuket Pearl - 14

The Phuket Peal farm is located 15 minutes away from the East Coast. The fact that it is away from all the noise and hustle of the urban development makes it a touristic frenzy.

Beach- perfect tranquility

The farm is not only a massive tourist attraction but it is also a place where individuals come to experience tranquility and soothe their mind away from tourists’ crowds.

Spectate how a Pearl is Cultured

Through the fishing boats, visitors can access the rafts where the oysters are grown and cultured. The boat trip is completely refreshing and informational as the guide aids the visitors with the insights about the pearl oysters and classified categories of pearls.

10% discount on items

Up to 10% discount is offered on the products presented in the showroom. This discount is specifically for the visitors of the pearl farm.

A Way To Learn The Pearl Harvesting Procedure

You will spectate live how the pearls are formed and how the whole integrated procedure is carried on. Here are some of the steps that indicate how the pearl cultivation is done.

  1. The pearls at the Phuket Pearl Farm are grown from the oysters that are kept in the water for a long time. The pearl oysters float on the rafts for about 15 days.
  2. Oysters are then sorted out into three categories, healthy pearly oyster, incomplete pearl oyster and good breed pearl oysters. The categories decide what is to be done for the cultivation of the pearls.
  3. The healthy pearl oyster is chosen for implantation while the good breed oyster is left for breeding purposes.
  4. After 12 months of continuous culturing process, the pearl is finally ready to be transported to the factory for quality grading.

Pearl Factory

After the pearls are cultivated at the farm, they are transported to the factory to be processed into ornaments and jewelry. The Phuket Pearl Factory is the biggest producer of pearl jewelry in Thailand and has a showroom consisting of various innovative and latest designs by the manufacturer. The factory is 30 minutes away from the Phuket Pearl Farm.

For more visit – Phuket Pearl Farm website.

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