Gems Gallery has more than two decades experience with jewellery and gems. The company draw based on man’s accumulated knowledge of more than 4,000 years of relationship with precious stones.

Due to the availability of outstanding raw materials and the skills of the craftsmen of Thailand, they stand as the major dealer of global gems and jewellery which in turn led to the creation of the Gems gallery (the world’s biggest jewellery and gems center). The company serves the needs of gem lovers everywhere due to the fact that Gems Gallery deals contain a vast selection of goods at fair prices and company’s customer services are just excellent.


Gems Gallery has as part of activities, sharing its knowledge of precious stones through hi-tech Slide Multivision shows and Dark Ride presentation system which is the first of their kind in Thailand.

At Gems Gallery Thailand, you can be confident that every piece you choose to purchase, have been created using only the finest of raw materials and for sure will be of first class quality. Every possible care and attention is lavished on each piece that the company creates. Gems gallery always maximise efforts to ensure that every creation is beautiful and valuable work of art.

The company begun by carefully selecting only the best precious stones from Thailand’s internationally recognized gem mines in Chanthaburi and Kanchanaburi provinces. Gems Gallery chooses only Grade A stones in terms of size, shape and colour to make jewellery (be it diamond, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, topaz, etc).

The specialists at Gems gallery do very good stone selections after which these selections are sent to the skilled craftsmen for cutting and polishing. The beautiful gems in each of the following items (Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, bangles and other decorative items), reflect the exquisite taste of the wearer.

The gems and jewellery from Gems Gallery Thailand reflect the skills and individuality of the company’s craftsmen. Thus, every piece is genuine and truly unique. Gems Gallery also creates jewellery to suit everyone’s requirements accompanied by excellent after-sales services and full guarantees. You can be certain that every piece from Gems Gallery will be a source of pride for its owner.

Today Gems Gallery is situated in four major cities, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket. Each branch is in itself a top tourist destination, and all these branches make it easier for visitors to choose and own beautiful gems. No matter which branch you visit, you can be sure that you will get only the best in products and services.

1) Gems Gallery Bangkok:

Gems gallery Bangkok was opened in 1987 and now it occupies a land of surface area 1.8 acres (7,200 sqm). The eye-catching showroom has a surfeit of jewellery masterpieces and gems to choose from and more than 700 multilingual staff to welcome and serve you. It was the first branch to introduce the advance Slide Multi-vision shows to customers. It is opened every day from 09:00 am – 07:00 pm and naturally has a full transportation service.

2) Gems Gallery Chiangmai:

Gems Gallery Chiangmai has been open since 1993 and occupies a 2 acre of land (8,000 sqm). It emphasizes on jewellery produced by the local craftsmen and in particular the use of the best genuine jade. More than 400 staffs are at hand to provide services in the northern Thai style, allowing you to experience something about the Lanna culture. The branch also includes a shop which opens every day from 08:30 am.-06:00 pm. This branch is into selling local handicraft souvenirs and has a free pick-up service.

3) Gems Gallery Pattaya:

Gems Gallery Pattaya is the latest branch which occupies a land of surface area 3.8 acre (15,200 sq.m). This is a truly spectacular jewellery store which incorporates a totally new service known as the Theme Park-Dark Ride, a dramatic sound presentation of the glittering world of gems. Here, you sit comfortably and enjoy as the ride takes you steadily on an amazing journey. Together with the largest selection of gems and jewellery, the store has more than 500 multilingual experienced staff to service esteemed clients. This branch is opened every day from 08:30 am.-07:00 pm and free transportation is provided for everyone who wants to visit the store.

4) Gems Gallery Phuket:

Gems Gallery Phuket was open in 1998 and occupies a land of surface area (12,000 sq.m). They have more than 500 staff which do offer the highest levels of customer service in a most welcoming atmosphere that reflects the natural beauty of the sea as your choose from among beautiful pearl and precious stone jewellery (items to treasure yourself or as everlasting gifts for someone special). The branch is opened everyday from 08:30 am – 07:00 pm and offers free transportation services.

The company has more than 2,000 staffs which are proficient in 17 languages namely;

• English.
• German.
• French.
• Italian.
• Spanish.
• Portuguese.
• Belgian.
• Dutch.
• Polish.
• Russian.
• Turkish.
• Mandarin Chinese.
• Cantonese.
• Japanese.
• Korean.
• Vietnamese.
• Bahasa Indonesian.

Every item the company sells is certified and has a lifetime guarantee.
Gems Gallery is the first jewellery store in Thailand that has received the international ISO 9002 and ISO 9001: 2000 certification and every item the company sells is certified and has a lifetime guarantee.