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Gems Gallery Phuket was opened in 1998 and located in the centre of Phuket island, in about thirty minutes drive from main beaches. Until now it is one of the biggest Jewellery shops in Phuket. And with no doubt, it is the most popular Jewellery destination on the island.

Because Gems Gallery Phuket located quite far from main tourist areas it offers free round-trip shuttle bus service for everyone who want to visit it. Booking shuttle bus does not oblige you Buying. The branch is opened every day from 08:00 am. 06:00 pm.

Apart from shopping experience Gems Gallery Phuket also provides short tour where you can learn more about gems mining. In addition, there is a small souvenir shop in the building with high-quality products and coffee lounge.

For most jewellery items store offers various certificates, lifetime guarantees and lifetime jewellery cleaning service. If you come to Thailand next time you can visit any Gems gallery’s branch located in Pattaya, Bangkok or Chiangmai and clean your jewellery for free. The store has ISO 9001 : 2008 certification.

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It is Scam!

Very annoying !

This place is no different to all other jewellery stores of the kind. They bring you there on purpose and just short of "by force". On 2 occasions during my recent stay in Phuket when I was driven by taxi to completely different destination I was asked by drivers "could I please stop and just go and look in a such a store just for a few minutes, no need to buy anything" so that they could get their vouchers for bringing somebody there... Very annoying !
Everything at those stores hugely overpriced and apparently there is a big chance that none of it is genuine. Thailand jewellery companies ("big" and "reputable") like to take naive tourists for a ride - that's a well known fact.

Good Place

We visited the gallery. Twice. The first time we went through the workshops (pretty interesting) but the to purr of the facility was really fantastic. Our guide/salesperson Nikita was great. Look, if the name of the game is that they would really like you to buy something. Funnily enough, that is how they do business and survive. We were not pushed, and were given plenty of time and there was no indication that they would be offended if we didn't buy. As it happened we bought a very nice ruby and diamond ring and frankly it was good value. Our service was so good we went back on another day and bought some more items with Nikita's assistance. I cannot remember the name of the sales manager who fitted the rings but he was incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Valuations back at home have confirmed the validity of our purchases.

I am not surprised about the negative reviews. Most seem to resonate with guilt trips. Get a life people. If you are just browsing, then browse, I think they actually understand that. If you wanted cheap stuff, sorry, you landed in the wrong place. My wife got to try on jewellery she would not have the chance to wear and was treated like minor royalty. Your experience in these places is determined not just by their attitude but by your approach. Of course they want to sell, it's their business. But tell them your intentions, they won't kill you. Yes, we were buyers but it's not like we were VIP customers, just ordinary people with a very ordinary credit card. And they gave us fantastic service even to the extent of delivering a ring to our hotel on the other side of the island. Just relax and enjoy the experience. But, gentlemen, if you are feeling generous or romantic, this is a good place to start........

It is FREE!

Picked up from hotel by Gem Gallery air-conditioned mini bus. Great tour to see where gems come from and how jewellery is made from scratch. Very enlightening. 1000s of jewellery items on sale. Only down side was when you walk into the shop floor a member of sales staff follows you like a second skin, no time to browse. The ring that the wife liked was to big so a order was placed and a new ring was made whilst we waited. Take the second skin away and this would be a very good experience with a five star rating.

Horrible experience

I wish we had not visited this place. A very forced and uncomfortable experience. I really wanted to buy some pearls to remind me of Thailand.
As soon as you enter the store a sales person is assigned to you. They tell you to "take your time and look around" but literally shadow you the entire time. Anything you look it they force you to try it on. You cannot look around and then come back to the pieces that you are interested in. It was just an awful experience. Could not wait to get out of the place. Just horrible. No other way to describe it.
They have an entire room of ivory products with Chinese tourists lined up to buy it. I refuse to buy anything based on that alone.
Nothing there is unique and it is certainly priced to make the most out of tourists.
I'm happy that our tuk tuk driver got some sort of commission for taking us there, but this place ruined my experience of Thailand.

Trustable and Elegant jewellery shop

Most thing i like is.. They have ISO 9001 quality certificate.. gems stone jeweller's pearls are awesome and unique. I buyed pearl neckless and earrings for my wife. Best regards

Don't get cheated on quality and price!

I went there on my cruise, I wanted to buy something 100% natural and non-treated stones. I asked the salesperson whether my ruby ring is natural and non-treated, he confirmed very confidently. After I came back to Australia, I went to 3 different Jewellery shops and one valuer, they all said it's lab created stone and they are not natural....

Straight-forward Scam - it's a jewelry store. Nothing else. Period.

This place is such an obvious scam. It's very simple, it's a store that sells jewelry. THAT'S ALL IT IS. I don't see why this is considered a "sight to see." It's a scam because it's hidden as a tourist attraction with "exciting things to see." It starts with a tacky mini-train ride that navigates thru a tunnel that shows random fake wax figures and lighting show. It doesn't explain how jewelry is made, about the various stones, why these are special, where they are originating from. The mini-train ride ends with a entrance to their store. You are assigned a sales person and they haggle you into buying something.

Sorry, but I didn't travel all the way from the USA having spent thousands of dollars to see the beautiful country of Thailand just to be scammed into a jewelry store. I don't need to go to Thailand for that; we are lucky here in the USA to have some of the most luxurious jewelry stores to shop anytime.

Complete waste of time. Save your time and money, and instead visit some of the other beautiful sights in Thailand that can't be found anywhere else.